2 Women On A Mission

2 Women On A Mission, LLC was formed in 2009, when breast cancer survivor and long-time producer, Nancy Hewitt, and her exercise instructor, Lisa Gulotta, realized that they could pool their talents to produce a DVD for use by any one of the millions of women and men who have undergone treatment for breast cancer.

Hewitt was weak and exhausted after her own surgery and chemotherapy, and had no idea how powerful a force Gulotta’s exercise classes would become in her life. Within a short period of time as her student,  Hewitt was greeted by compliments of “You look better than I’ve ever seen you!” from nearly everyone she encountered.

Teacher and student became friends during Hewitt’s recovery, and then business partners, because they share a belief in “the obligation of the cured” to help others achieve the same. Through this series, these 2 Women On A Mission are determined to demonstrate, to as many as possible, a “Next Step” forward to a newly-enriched life after cancer.