Class Previews of “The Next Step”

Helping to Recover After Breast Cancer Treatment

Below are short clips of each of the four classes and relaxation section. The four classes are a natural mix of fitness, yoga and movement. Each class uses the entire body, however, they do pay special attention to the upper arms and chest, since this is the area most affected.

The classes are designed to build on each other so that each successive routine is a little longer and the movement is a little more challenging. The first class, being the most gentle, is done sitting on a chair.

The relaxation section is to be enjoyed after completing one or more of the classes. It is the time to allow the body to totally “let go” and the mind to enjoy the stillness. When you don’t feel well enough to exercise, pick a comfortable pose and just do the relaxation sequence.

Please take a look at previews of our classes below…