Lisa Gulotta

Lisa Gulotta, certified cancer exercise specialistLisa Gulotta is a certified cancer exercise specialist, Kripalu yoga teacher, ACE certified personal trainer and trained dancer. She has studied the impact of cancer and its effects on the body.

Drawing on this knowledge and her extensive background in fitness, yoga and dance, she has created a unique exercise program for women and men recovering from breast cancer. The Next Step has special meaning for Lisa as she has members of her family who have recovered from breast cancer.

“In my classes we don’t dwell on what was but on what can be. Our bodies are incredibly resilient and can adapt to almost anything. I ask my students to breathe and move gently through the discomfort, the resistance, the numbness. We will never know what is on the other side unless we use our sensations as guides rather than barriers. By retrieving range of motion in creative ways, we can reach a place called “the best shape of our lives!”